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Corporate culture

Nova spirit: innovative ideas, innovative products, innovative management, innovation mechanism
Star purpose: to do a modern enterprise, a famous brand products
Star concept: quality, integrity is gold
Star Style: quick response, carry out with drive and sweep, Every order is executed without fail., begin well and end well
Company management personnel behavior norms: thought is perfect, business is versed in, dare to innovate, do the best to do
Company marketing staff service specification: information flow, development market, quality service, customer first
Procurement staff behavior specification: high quality and low price, strict control, scientific procurement, saving resources
Company logistics Code: the front line, work ahead, due diligence, collaborative research

The company since the establishment of the Party branch, closely around the production and operation of enterprises in practice, actively explore and practice, efforts to educate, encourage and guide members in the enterprise and local economic development process, with striving to be the "three models" (take the lead in studying business, striving to become a model for the production and management, take the lead in solidarity. Striving to unite workers model, lead to participate in public welfare undertakings, striving to become a model for social services), give full play to the role of Party members vanguard, to provide an organizational guarantee for the healthy development of enterprises.

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